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A String of Pearls by Klaus Hueneke

A String of Pearls by Klaus Hueneke


A stunning 136 page book of images of the South Coast of NSW/Australia.  

The coastal region between Jervis Bay and Eden is a globally renowned, pristine natural area. It boasts diverse features like wilderness, forests, beaches, lakes, mountains, and more. This region also has a rich cultural and historical backdrop with unique towns, sacred sites, and historic landmarks. Over 30% of this area is protected, thanks to organizations like the Fauna Protection Panel, National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Forestry Commission.

The book provides a detailed exploration of this area, showcasing both common and obscure elements, from natural phenomena like Neptunes Necklace in rock pools and intriguing patterns in nature to unexpected sights like solar hot water tubes and roadside memorials. It offers readers a comprehensive and sometimes quirky view of the region.

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