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Huts of the High Country by Klaus Hueneke

Huts of the High Country by Klaus Hueneke


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Notably Klaus' first published, and most renowed book, "Huts of the High Country" explores the charm and character of the huts and homesteads scattered throughout the Australian Alps. 

Since this book was first published in 1982, many huts have been lost, and others have been restored or rebuilt. Restored huts include Cascade, Cooinbil, Currango, Daveys, Four Mile, Happys, Long Plain, Old Currango, Tin Mines, Valentines, Wheelers and Witses. The most significant losses came with the fierce wildfires of 2003. They burnt down over 20 huts and structures.

Huts of the High Country is a perceptive and passionate account of buildings within a region, and of the people, geography, and social structure that shaped them. Showcasing 130 huts, it includes a comprehensive guide to the Victorian High Country huts including High Plains, Bogong, Feathertop, Dargo, Hotham, Licola to Mt Howitt, Howqua and the Bluff, Mt Stirling and surrounds and Omeo to the Murray. 


With over 150 black & white pictures, map references and historical information about the buildings, enjoy this Australian classic of the snowy mountains, preserving the history of the land for over 40 years. 

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