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The Life of a Mountain Hut by Klaus Hueneke

The Life of a Mountain Hut by Klaus Hueneke


The Life of Four Mile Hut - a story of a Hut comes alive as Klaus Hueneke tells of the social life of Australia's High Country through the "EYES" of his beloved hut.


Klaus Hueneke was so moved by the loss of the High Country Huts in the 2020 fires that he came out of retirement to write a book on one of his favourite huts 4 Mile Hut, and to raise awareness and support for the hut rebuilding program.

From the author: 

"Arriving home I was greeted with a pallet of books wrapped in enough shiny gladwrap to cover a thousand lunches. It was No 14 of my books. No 13 seemed an unlucky end to my book writing so I pressed on with the life story of the hut that is closest to my heart - Four Mile near Kiandra - and not far from Mt Tabletop, the name I coined my little business in 1987.

I started 'The Life of a Mountain Hut' about ten years ago, wrote much more of it in 2019 but was stopped dead in my tracks when a wildfire razed Four Mile Hut in January 2020. I was devastated, big time. So was the spirit of the hut. But the spirit would not die, no way. It roared back into life about April and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to finish come hell or high water. 'Okay, okay, I hear you, fair crack of the whip.' It also told me it wants to be rebuilt just as it always was and in the same place. No doubt about it."

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