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History & Heritage

The high country huts of Australia are a unique testament to the nation's pioneering spirit, often built by graziers, miners, foresters, and other workers for shelter in the remote and rugged regions of the Australian Alps.

Many of Australia's high country huts have been lost over the years due to bushfires, weather-related decay, vandalism, neglect, and land management decisions. However, restoration efforts by volunteer organisations such as Kosciuszko Huts Association or the Victorian High Country Huts Association, have ensured the preservation and rebuilding of some of these historically significant structures.

Photo of seamans hut the highest in Australia in May 1978 by Klaus Hueneke.jpg

High Country Huts

A generic term for the huts scattered across the mountainous regions of Australia, predominantly in Victoria and New South Wales. These huts were built for various reasons: cattlemen's shelters, mining camps, or simple retreats. 

Photo: Seamans Hut, May 1978 by Klaus Hueneke.

Delaneys Hut in 1975.jpg

Kosciuszko Huts

Found within the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW, these are a collection of over a dozen huts. Each hut has its own unique history and construction story, serving as refuge points for hikers and skiers. Klaus is a long term member of the Kosciuszko Huts Association.

Photo: Delaney's Hut in 1975 by Klaus Hueneke

Craigs Hut on Mt Stirling by Klaus Hueneke.jpg

Victorian High Country Huts

Victoria’s high country is rich with historic huts, many of which were popularised by the famous "Man from Snowy River" poem and subsequent movie. Some notable ones include Craig's Hut, King Billy and Bluff Hut.

Photo: Craigs Hut by Klaus Hueneke.

Many of Klaus' books capture the history, stories, and significance of these iconic structures, acting as a comprehensive record of the huts in the alpine regions of New South Wales and Victoria. These efforts have played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the cultural importance of these huts and the need for their preservation.

The books also serve as an encyclopaedic guide for travellers, researchers and enthusiasts alike! 

Featured in the video: Klaus Hueneke's "Huts of the High Country" book.

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