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Klaus Hueneke (AM)

Klaus Hueneke is an Australian author, historian, teacher, and photographer, known especially for his work on the history, heritage, and environment of the Australian Alps region. He has researched, written about, and extensively photographed the mountain huts and the lifestyles of people in the high country of southeastern Australia.

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One of his most well-known books is "Huts of the High Country", which provides an invaluable record of the mountain huts in the Australian Alps and the stories of the people who built and lived in them.


Klaus' love for the mountains and his passion for recording its history has made a significant impact, ensuring that generations of Australians can appreciate the heritage and environment of the Australian Alps, Snowy Mountains, Victorian High Country and more.

For his substantial contribution to the preservation of mountain heritage and educating Australians about their alpine history, Klaus was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2012. 


For service to conservation and the environment as an historian, author and photographer, and to the preservation of Australia's built heritage, particularly in the Snowy Mountains region. 


“I was born at the end of a long and trying labour, in Rolfshagen, a tiny village near Rinteln, Germany. It was just before the Nazis finally capitulated. With the rest of my family I cruised across to Australia on a very big ship in 1955 and lived in a simple fibro cottage on a hillside called Glenroi Heights in Orange for seven years.”

“One of my passions is the Australian Alps. I have photographed them, interviewed numerous old timers who were born around them, skied and

walked them from one end to the other, and by degrees managed to turn them into something I could make a living from.”

"I love Australia and being an Australian, and, having sung the stirring words in several choirs, think that our national anthem should be 'I am Australian'."

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