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The Biggest Estate on Earth by Bill Gammage

The Biggest Estate on Earth by Bill Gammage


Bill Gammage's "The Biggest Estate on Earth" debunks the myth that Australia, before European settlement, was a wild terrain. In fact, early European settlers frequently remarked how the landscape resembled an English estate, with grassy areas, pathways, and abundant wildlife.


Gammage's extensive research over a decade reveals that Aboriginal people systematically and scientifically managed the land, using techniques like controlled fires and understanding native plant life cycles, ensuring consistent food supplies. This management made their life more efficient compared to Europeans. The absence of Aboriginal land care eventually led to overgrowth and increased bushfire risks.


Contrary to popular belief, what many consider untouched bush in national parks isn't so. This enlightening book, which has won multiple awards, changes our understanding of Australian history.


Author Bill Gammage is a renowned historian affiliated with the Australian National University and is acclaimed for his work, "The Broken Years: Australian Soldiers in the Great War."

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