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Snowy the Making of Modern Australia by Brad Collis

Snowy the Making of Modern Australia by Brad Collis



The Snowy Mountains Scheme was a transformative hydro-electric project that reshaped Australia. After World War II, a diverse group from Europe, both displaced by war and those seeking better opportunities amidst post-war challenges, arrived in Australia. Though they spoke over 30 languages and arrived with little to their names, they carried a powerful determination for a fresh start. Australia, then a primarily English-speaking, agricultural nation, became their canvas. Over 25 years, this blend of cultures and backgrounds built the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme, an engineering marvel. Not only did they introduce a modern touch to the nation and boost its food production, but they also showcased the incredible things that can be achieved when people of different backgrounds unite for a common goal.


The author's book delves deep into this tale of collaboration, perseverance, and national transformation.

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