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Tabletop Press Books

Welcome to Pati and Klaus Hueneke's online bookshop!

Discover titles from the acclaimed Klaus Hueneke (AM), along with a curated selection of Australian Alps and regional classics.

Dive into essential reads that celebrate our rich heritage. We've proudly been publishing and selling books since 1987.

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About Tabletop Press

For 40 years, Klaus Hueneke (AM) has expertly documented the tales of the Australian Alps, High Country Huts, and surrounding regions. After the success of his debut book, Tabletop Press was founded in the 1980s. We've since distributed numerous works by Klaus and other local authors, both here and abroad.

Explore our current online catalogue featuring over 30 authors, and immerse yourself in the rich history of this magnificent land. Wholesalers can access our complete collection through our wholesale booklist.

Managed by Klaus' wife, Patricia, our online bookstore eagerly awaits your orders and questions.

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