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Klaus Hueneke (AM) has been producing and selling books on the High Country Huts, the Australian Alps, Canberra and the South Coast for about 30 + years and has sold many copies around the mountains, in Canberra and in Australia. 

Patricia Hueneke manages this online bookshop.

We offer you special books on this area which you can order and pay for on this online bookshop .

We will post them out, mostly within three days of ordering in secure packaging.

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25 Celebrating the Australian Alps

Klaus Hueneke

June 2022

Written for the June edition of the KHA Newsletter.

I celebrate Nature, God, The Force - call it what you will - for creating the mountains and the Great Dividing Range millions of years ago. Without that almighty upthrust and the carving down that followed we would not have so many different habitats and such a rich diversity of animals and plants.

I celebrate the big picture. On a clear winter’s day, I’ve stood on Australia's highest point and spied snowcovered Mt Bogong, 120 kilometres or more to the south. On another day I’ve done the reverse and seen Mt Kosciuszko from Mt Nelse, even further away. The snow was creamy-white not Fab-white as might be expected........... READ MORE 

JUST IN - this fascinating NEW BOOK about Clement Wragge, meteorologist with a Mission who also established the first weather station on Mt. Kosciuszko 

$35 + postage. Go to our PayPal online Bookshop to get your copy. 

JAMES MACARTHUR by John Anderson

The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko

$40 (+$15 p&p)

with an Intro by Klaus Hueneke

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Latest BOOK by Klaus


Klaus Hueneke

$30 (+$5 p&p)

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Text Klaus & Patricia 0431606940

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The Life of a Mountain Hut - Four Mile Hut 

"...Klaus has captured the spirit of the hut and the high the reader an insight into the huts' importance in the Australian landscape and our social history....."Joy Cocker, author, psychologist...

Fascination Read *

From SNOW to ASH

Anthony Sharwood

$35 (+$8 p&p)

A comprehensive Account 

Kosciuszko – A Great National Park

$75 (+$20 p&p)



5 of Klaus Hueneke's Books still in print

$150 (+$20 p&p)

*The Life of a Mountain Hut

*Huts of the High Country

*Mountain Landscapes and Historic Huts

*One Step at a Time

*A String of Pearls

All books signed by Klaus Hueneke.

SPECIAL 3 Alan Andrews' books

(still in print)

Special price $100 (+p&p$20)

save $30

‘Kosciusko – the Mountain in History’ (normally $45)

‘Skiing the Western Faces’ ($50)

‘Rainforest and Ravished Snow’ ($35)

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ph. 0431606940

+61 4 3160 6940 

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