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Books on Australian Alps, Canberra & South Coast 
from Tabletop Press  (established 1987)    
2 Lambell Close  Palmerston  2913  ACT Australia             
ph  (02) 6242 0995                                         
ABN   98 916 224 173
Managers  Klaus (OA AM) and Patricia Hueneke (BA Dip Ed, teacher, naturopath)
Klaus started writing and photographing for newspapers, journals and magazines in 1975. After a BA with honours he wrote a M.Sc thesis about casuarinas. His first book was Huts of the High Country in 1982. It sold 14,000 copies and is still in print with a new cover and preface. Tabletop has published about 20 books, four of them for Alan Andrews who died in 2014. Klaus has written ten books, the last two on the south coast of NSW. He was awarded an Order of Australia in 2012 for helping to conserve and document Australia’s high country landscapes, oral history and built heritage.
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Aborigines, Aboriginal themes                                                     RRP
Aboriginal Myths, Legends & Fables by A W Reed                        $25.95
Aboriginal Place Names by A W Reed                                           $19.95
Aboriginal Stories of Australia by A W Reed                                  $19.95
Aboriginal Story of Burke & Wills by Clark & Cahir                         $59.95
Aboriginal Words of Australia by A W Reed                                  $19.95
Archaeology of the Dreamtime by Josephine Flood                       $39.95
Blood on the Wattle by Bruce Elder                                               $34.95
Moth Hunters of ACT by Josephine Flood                                      $17.50
The Original Australians by Josephine Flood                                 $39.95
The Biggest Estate on Earth by Bill Gammage.                              $45.95
Bushwalking Guides/ Bush Cooking/ Camping Places / Caves
Australian Alps Walking Track by Chapman & Siseman                  $39.95
Best River & Alpine Walks around Mt Kossie by Matt McLelland     $29.95
Bushwalking in Budawangs by Ron Doughton                                 $24.95
Bushwalking in Kosciusko Nat Park by Charles Warner                  $24.95
Camping & Bushwalking Nth Kosc. Nat Pk by Harry Hill                  $24.95
Camping Guide to NSW by Lewis and Savage                                $29.95
Camping Guide to Victoria by Lewis & Savage                                $29.95
Exploring the Jagungal Wilderness by Robert Green                       $29.95New title Jan 2016
Family Bushwalks in the Snowy Mts by Geoff Whale                       $29.95
Four WD Tour Sth East NSW & East Gippsl. Lewis & Savage         $24.95
Never Ending Bushwalk (The) by Steve & Ruth Tremont                  $29.95
One Hundred & 50 Walks in Victoria by Thomas/Close                    $29.95
On Track – Searching for Bundian Way by John Blay                       $39.95Walking the ancient 360 km aboriginal route between Kosciuszko and the coast.
Snowy Mountains Walks by Geehi Club                                             $29.95
Take a Walk in Kosciuszko Nat Park by J & L Daly                            $39.95
Take a Walk in STh NSW & ACT by J & L Daly                                 $39.95
The High Country 4WD and Camping Guide by Boiling Billy              $29.95
Canberra, Namadgi, South Coast  and South-East Region
A String of Pearls – the South Coast of NSW by Klaus Hueneke       $40.00
(Special price Jan 2016)
Best Bush, Town and Village Walks around the ACT                           $29.95
Canberra is a Garden by June Kelly                                                    $24.95
Canberra’s Best Bush, Park & City Walks by Marion Stuart                $29.95
Cycling around Canberra by Bruce Ashley
Exploring Wild Aust Coast by Klaus Hueneke                                     $25.00
(Special reduced price January 2016)
Huts & Homesteads of Namadgi Nat Park by Pauline Downing         $19.95
Moth Hunters of ACT by Josephine Flood                                          $17.50
Mountain Landscapes & Historic Huts by Klaus Hueneke                  $39.95
Murray of Yarralumla by Gwen Wilson                                                $24.95
Rugged Beyond Imagination by Matthew Higgins                               $39.95
Walking Canberra – 101 ways on foot by Graeme Barrow                 $29.95
Who Lied? – the Ly-ee-Moon Disaster by Graeme Barrow                 $24.95
Walking & Cycling Canberra’s Centenary Trail  by Nina Hvoslef        $29.95
Fishing & Camping the Snowy Mts by Steve Williamson                    $24.95
Fishing Knots and Rigs – the complete book by Geoff Wilson           $24.95
High Country History, Heritage, Photography and Skiing
Australian Alps Kossie, Alpine & Namadgi Nat Parks by Slattery        $45.00New Paperback Edition, Xmas 2015, 320 p., colour photos.
Challenge of the High Country by Tor and Jane Holth                        $24.95
Earliest Monaro & Burragorang 1790-1840 by Alan Andrews              $44.95
Historic Huts & Homesteads of KNP. By Pauline Downing                  $24.95
Huts of the High Country (14,000 sold) by Klaus Hueneke                 $39.95
Kiandra Gold – love, murder, bushrangers & gold by Hugh C             $25.00
Kiandra to Kosciusko by Klaus Hueneke (hardcover)                          $39.95
(Last 20 copies)
Kosciusko - The Mountain in History by Alan Andrews                        $44.95
Mountain Landscapes & Historic Huts by Klaus Hueneke                    $39.95
One Step at a Time by Klaus Hueneke                                                $22.95
Rainforest & Ravished Snow by Alan Andrews                                    $39.95
Skiing the Western Faces - Kosciusko by Alan Andrews                     $39.95
The Aust Alps – Classic Mt Landscapes by Mike Edmondson             $32.95
Natural History / Plants
Alps in Flower by Ian McCann                                                              $24.95
Bonsai – 101 Essential Tips by Harry Tomlinson                                 $14.95
Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia by Tony Young                           $39.95
Grassland Flora of Sth Tablelands by Eddy & others                          $29.95
If Trees Could Speak by Bob Beale                                                     $39.95
Key Guide to Australian Trees by Leonard Cronin                               $35.00
Key Guide to Aust Wildflowers by Leonard Cronin                              $35.00
Native Trees and Shrubs of SE Australia by Costermans                   $45.00
Plants of the Victorian High Country by Murphy/Dowling                    $29.95
Wild Food Plants of Australia by Tim Low                                           $29.95
Woodland Flora, field guide for Sth. Tablelands (ACT & NSW) by Sarah Sharp, Rainer Rehwinkel and others  (new Jan 2016)                                               $39.95
Natural History / Animals & Birds
Field Guide to Birds of Australia by Pizzey & Knight                          $49.95
Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Simpson and Day                 $39.95
Field Guide to Insects in Australia by Zborowski & Storey                 $39.95
Frogs of Australia (Green guide) by Gerry Swan                               $19.95
How High can a Kangaroo Hop by French & Whatley                      $22.95
Key Guide to Aust. Mammals by Leonard Cronin                             $35.00
Key Guide to Reptiles & Frogs by Leonard Cronin                           $35.00
Leaf Litter - Mysteries of Hidden World by Rachel Tonkin                $19.95Fabulous. Short Listed by Children’s Book Council. Back in print as a tall paperback 2015
Mammals of Australia by Terence Lindsey (Green Guide)                     $19.95
Secret World of Wombats by Jackie French                                      $15.95
Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds by the Slater's                         $34.95
Tracks, Scats and Other Traces by Barbara Triggs                           $49.95
What Shat That? – Guide to Poop Identity by Matt Pagett                $17.50
Snakes & Other Reptiles by Gerry Swan (Green Guide)                   $19.95
Wildlife of Australian Snow Country by Green & Osborne                 $39.95
Novels / Poetry and Australian Classics
All Elyne Mitchell Books.I first met Elyne in 1976, invited her to speak at adult education courses I ran in the 1980s, featured her in my people book and visited her every so often at Towong Hill, the home farm on the Upper Murray, before she died. She is the best known writer in the high country.
Elyne Mitchell: A Daughter Remembers by Honor Auchinleck         $34.95
Silver Brumby Centenary Edition by Elyne Mitchell                          $34.95
            (4 in one: S.B., S.B. Daughter, S.B. of the South, S.B. Kingdom, 614 big pages)
Silver Brumby Echoing by Elyne Mitchell                                          $34.95
(5 in one: Danc Brumby, Brumby of Night, Danc Brumby Rainb, 1000 Brumby, Wild Echo)
Silver Brumby Kingdom by Elyne Mitchell                                        $34.95
            (4 in one: Moon Filly, Silver Br Whirlwind, Son of Whirlwind, Silver Br S. Dingo)
Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell                                                       $19.95
A Bush Christening by Banjo Paterson                                          $15.95
Advance Australia Fair by Peter McCormick                                  $15.95
Are we there yet? By Alison Lester                                                $27.50
Baby Wombat’s Week by French and Whatley                              $15.95
Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall                                                              $15.95
Click go the Shears                                                                        $15.95
Complete Poems by Banjo Paterson (2014 ed)                             $19.95All of his poems on 466 pages (over 1 inch thick)
Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French & B Whatley                         $25.95
Girl from Snowy River (The) by Jackie French                                $19.95
Josephine Wants to Dance by French & Whatley                           $15.95
Man from Snowy River by A B Paterson & McArthur Onslow          $15.95
Man from Snowy River and Other Verses by A B Paterson             $34.95(Facsimile of the 1895 edition with 37 introductory pages and photos. Print on demand only)
Mulga Bills Bicycle by Paterson and Niland                                    $15.95
Rainbow Serpent by Percy Trezise and Dick Roughsey                $15.95
Snow Pony (The) by Alison Lester                                                 $17.95
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs                                      $15.95
The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay                                         $15.95
The Monster that Ate Canberra by Michael Salmon                       $19.95
The Muddleheaded Wombat by Ruth Park                                    $15.95
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle                                      $19.95
Waltzing Matilda by Paterson and Digby                                        $15.95
Wombat Goes to School by French & Whatley                              $25.95
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